ATR — Equipment Management Outsourcing Solutions | Seanic supports decommissioning project with supply of bespoke subsea orbital milling tool

THE skills and expertise of Seanic Ocean Systems was called upon to deliver a unique package of equipment ahead of a decommissioning project in the North Sea.

The team of Aberdeen-based engineers were tasked with delivering a diver operated tooling package to condition the top of a spherical condeep storage cell on the Brent Delta platform prior to its decommissioning.

The orbital milling tool was designed to be installed onto the storage cell and mill a circular area of 1.8m to provide the required flat and smooth surface for chemical bolts to be sealed into place and stabilise the preceding baseplates.

A program of qualification and testing was completed onsite at the Seanic facility including diver training and destruction testing. The spread of tools was despatched to the client in bespoke subsea baskets along with a dedicated workshop and parts container.

“The decommissioning of Brent Delta is of huge significance across the oil and gas industry worldwide and we are very pleased our innovative engineering capabilities have been recognised and required on this phase of the project.

“We supported the scope of work from beginning to end delivering a central datum, installing an interface plate which could then be levelled. Our personnel then drilled the chemical fixing bolts accurately and finally tension tested them.

“The campaign work was successfully carried out for the client across the desired storage cells, to schedule and without incident.”

Preparation works

Project Execution


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