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Seanic Ocean Systems has successfully completed the second phase of its first venture into the Norwegian sector for an international engineering and construction company.

Seanic engineers produced and delivered a 4m² skid basket designed to be easily mobilised and with high pressure hydraulics fitted to remove loading buoys from the asset and transported it back to shore.

“Our engineers produced a small basket for a client which was specifically designed to remove two buoys ready for decommissioning.

“As well as engineering user-friendly diver and ROV interfaces, our team designed the power output to ensure high pressure from what many consider run of the mill hydraulics. This equipped the diver and the ROV with a strong enough force to torque the hydraulic rams, driving out the eight-inch pins from the buoy successfully and without issue.

“We strive to deliver the most effective and cost efficient resolutions to all our clients whatever the project is.”

Seanic successfully delivers bespoke equipment package

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