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HAVs Service

ATR delivers fully outsourced HAV monitoring and recording support to corporates seeking to improve QHSE performance with respect to managing HAV within their organisation.

We provide tactical, on the ground HAV monitoring and recording equipment, and we support corporate policy by delivering the pertinent data our clients need to inform strategic decisions and measure performance against objectives.

Our offering allows them to strip out cost, empower employees and delivers a foundation for long-term occupational health management with respect to HAV within the workforce.

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  • Swipe

    Swipe Your Personal HAV Card Through the Base Station

  • Pop

    Pop the Flashing HAVmeter Out of The Station

  • Lock

    Lock the HAVmeter on Every tagged Tool they Use

  • Dock

    When Finished Vibratory Tool Work for The Day - Dock it Back in the Station

  • HAV Management in the O&G needs Focus
    • 63% monitor over 50 operators for HAV exposures
    • Only 50% use the HSE points system
    • 68% of companies rely on paper-based systems
    • Less than 50% level of confidence across
    • Senior HSE respondents in company process
    • 64% of respondents operate in sizable corporates
  • Why Operator Led HAV Recording Doesn’t Work

    HAV Management System effectiveness is reduced through issues created by timing.

    Our experience shows us that tool operators across Oil and Gas Industry are overestimating their HAV exposure (based on 3 yrs of historic HAV data across all client platforms) by c.80% on average per incidence of tool use – that’s because they’re getting their timing wrong.

    Tool Operators, Subcontractors, team leaders and QHSE teams find it difficult to interact with paper-based systems – it’s time consuming to maintain paper records, and often companies are just recording ‘guilty knowledge’.

  • Benefits
    • No need to maintain paper records
    • Exposure is calculated to the second, protecting the workforce
    • Exposure measurement is real- time – no guesswork on exposure
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