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MELCAL Marine Crane

Seanic Ocean Systems Product


Model: FL35T5

  • Specified & manufactured specifically for Golden Gate applicatons
  • Very compact design, mounted on a dedicated subframe grillage (2.43m x 2.43m)
  • Ideal for installation on deck, on offshore vessels and platforms with limited space
  • Driven by an electro-hydraulic power unit
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with Lloyd's lifting appliances in a marine environment


Capacity: 1.28Te at Full Reach

Hydraulic Reach: 14.5m

Length Stowed: 2.95m

Height Stowed: 3.01m

Base Footprint: 2.43m x 2.43m

Winch: 2 Te

Max Reach: 14.5m

Controls: Local & Radio Remote

Hydraulic Power: 37kW, 270 bar

Slewing Angle: Continuous

Weight: 6000kg

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