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250 Tonne WLL Hydraulic Spooling Winch

Lifting Solutions Product


The spooling winch is designed to rotate reels of wire, rope or umbilical. The spooling winch can accept reels of various dimensions. Removable shafts of various diameters which support the reel through a hole in the centre are supplied. The shaft acts like an axle. The spooling winch can accept reels up to 250 tonnes in weight. 

The reel is driven by a gear drive unit, which is a fabricated stress relieved gearbox housing with straight cut crowned and induction hardened gears and pinions, immersed in an oil bath. The pinions are supported on both ends by deep groove ball bearings. The motors drive the pinions though a din splined connection. The pinions drive the main ring gear which will drive the drum through an Oldham coupling arrangement. The drive unit is fitted with 2 x Hagglund Compact hydraulic motors. 


250 tonnes (WLL reel capacity) 

2 x Hagglund Compact hydraulic motors 

Maximum reel dimensions 4500mm diameter x 4500mm wide 

Suitable for operation in non hazardous areas 

Overall dimensions 8000mm long x 3000mm wide x 3855mm high 

Gross Weight 23000 Kgs excluding steel reel 

Drive shafts 5,7,8 and 12” 

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