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ATR provides careers not just apprenticeships

10 December 2012, 17:45

AN international energy service company is supporting young people as they look to build a successful career in the global oil and gas sector, by offering apprenticeships at its bases in Aberdeen.

Equipment solutions, power and subsea specialist ATR offers exciting and varied apprenticeships for those looking to enter the oil and gas industry, providing its apprentices with a combination of practical work experience and training from the outset to accompany academic studies.

For Andy Stables, 23, and Paul Emslie, 24, both of Aberdeen, it was the opportunity to align their college studies with regular on the job training as well as the start of a prosperous career with a reputable company which attracted them to apply for an apprenticeship with the leading equipment services business.

Being brought up around the city’s buoyant oil and gas industry and seeing the different career avenues it offers, both Andy and Paul knew they wanted to enter into the sector from an early age so after leaving school they spent time researching the different companies in Aberdeen.

“ATR stood out to me as it has a good reputation, it is a growing and ambitious company and I knew its diversity would give me a broad range of experience and a chance to work across several disciplines,” says Andy who is a maintenance apprentice, specialising in compressors and generators with ATR, currently in his final year of training.

“I was particularly interested in its power solutions division and the opportunity to work with large scale technology.”

ATR apprentices split their time evenly between college and the workplace, completing modules in a formal learning environment, and testing and applying their new knowledge in a practical workshop setting.

Paul, who has just completed his first year as an electrical engineering apprentice at ATR, says: “The fact that you get practical work experience from the start of an apprenticeship with ATR really appealed to me as you can immediately put what you study at college to practice as opposed to spending a year learning before getting a chance to work with a company.

“It also helps you to build an understanding of the industry and how a business operates and it’s great learning from a company which adheres to the highest standards, setting a good benchmark for trainees.”

Both trainees have had their apprenticeship expectations superseded, discovering that they are quickly trusted to work on pieces of equipment  under the supervision of expert staff who are extremely supportive and happy to answer any questions.

The apprentices have also been sent on a number of training courses all funded by ATR which provides them with additional knowledge and qualifications. Andy has even been offshore.

Andy says: “Coming into the apprenticeship I was expecting to be treated like a junior but have found that we are given increased responsibility which helps to build our confidence.”

Andy has also been sent to work onshore at Great Yarmouth and Sunderland, where he services compressors and generators in clients’ premises.

Paul has another three years before finishing his apprenticeship but like Andy, is already looking forward to developing a successful career with ATR.

“Working with ATR really opens your eyes up to the different career avenues available as it gives you a great all round experience of working in a warehouse but also in the office. There is a lot of room to progress with ATR and I would love to work my way up the ranks, eventually becoming an operations manager.”