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ATR Group Appointed as Authorised MONTI Bristle Blaster Service Repair Centre

03 March 2016, 16:28

Cactus Industrial Ltd appoint the ATR Group as an Authorised Monti Bristle Blaster Service Repair Centre for Oil & Gas Industry.

Within the Oil & Gas Industry there is an increased demand for Bristle Blaster technology as the preferred method of surface preparation, specifically in situations where it is impractical to grit blast. Keeping you Bristle Blaster in top-notch condition and ensuring staff are fully trained to use the tool will deliver great results and this appointment will mean customers can access servicing and repairs quickly and easily.

Divisional Director Findlay Moir explains the importance of this appointment:

"ATR Group are continually striving to meet the customer service demands and expectation levels of our clients and we fully understand the importance of providing a first class maintenance programme that ensures reliability and safety of equipment for our customers. The appointment by Cactus Industrial Ltd confirming ATR as an authorised Monti Service Centre further strengthens our position within the sector and enables us to develop what is already an excellent service offering based on a strong track record, skills and expertise to undertake specific specialised repairs, servicing and maintenance. A growing number of companies within the Oil & Gas industry are utilising Bristle Blaster technology. We have an extensive Bristle Blaster hire fleet and technical knowledge available to our customers which compliments the full spectrum of surface preparation equipment and services that we provide, therefore enabling us to deliver the optimum solution for your project."