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ATR Strategy

Our services are utilised within a range of business sectors from Offshore and Subsea, Onshore and Plant, right through to the renewables industry, and our QHSE performance is a key ingredient in our continuous success and growth. To maintain our success, ATR operates a simple strategy: 


ATR ensures our assets are of the highest standard in the industry. Every piece of equipment we own or manage is subject to a robust inspection, servicing and certification rigour.


ATR focuses on delivery, client service and excellence. Our clients are very important to us and we want to keep them. We will only do this if we absolutely meet and push to exceed their expectations.


ATR has strong and recognised knowledge & expertise which our clients rate highly. We commit to building our fleet, continually improving our knowledge and our relationships with key clients to improve our overall business as we move forward as a leader in our field.


The sectors in which we serve operate strict QHSE performance regulations. We will continue to specialise within this area through game-changing technology and the provision of processes which offer material improvement to our clients’ QHSE, operating and financial performance.

What Our Clients Say

Wood Group PSN trialled then introduced the HAVmeter into our client contracts 2 years ago as we had gone as far as possible using a mainly ‘paper based’ HAVS management system. The improvement and accuracy of recording vibration exposure among our power tool users was instant and dramatic ... given that ‘Trigger Times’ could be, up to 80% over-estimated when reliant on operators trying to remember usage times at the end of a shift.

The introduction of the HAVmeter into Wood Group PSN operations has proved to be and accurate and cost-effective means of controlling and recording vibration exposure among our personnel and being ATEX approved has allowed us to utilise the system across both onshore and offshore operations.

I would not hesitate to recommend the HAVmeter to any company who is interested in vastly improving their HAVS Management System”

Ron Martin WoodGroup